Our Tribe

Mira Bangel

Mira Bangel

Process facilitation & team coaching

Raffaella Toticchi

International process facilitator and trainer

Marina Roa

Visual Thinking & Innovation Processes

Angela Souza

Communications Consultancy and Project Management

Stephany Macedo

Communications and Human-Centered Innovation Specialist

June Stefano

Digital Marketing Strategist

Irene Zurborn Fernández

Knowledge Management, Learning & Process Facilitation

Mira Bangel

Maria Lorente-Perez

Facilitator & OD/Leadership Consultant

Mira Bangel

Laura Grassi

Process and event facilitation

Mira Bangel

Damien Concordel

Copywriting and Author

Hugo Lopes

Sociocracy 3.0 training & Coach Collaborator

Eloise Stancioff

Ecosystem and Technology Specialist

Verónica Bermúdez

Pedagogue, coach & systemic consultant with DBM® methodology

Diana Cuellar

Graphic design and animation

Sara Cuesta

Psychologist and HR

Dr. Oksana Udovyk

Sustainability & Research