Organisational change

Learning experiences that improve collaboration, well-being & creativity

We support teams and organizations in adopting practices that support effective collaboration, well-being and creative thinking in your workplace.

What we offer:

Practices for effective collaboration (Sociocracy 3.0, Agile Decision Making)

Practices to deal with team conflicts (NVC, participatory leadership, …)

Ways to rethink business-as-usual (organizational design)

Team building activities that support teamwork & collective learning (Design Thinking, gamification & well-being practices)

For whom? 

Individuals working for international companies, membership associations and networks. 

Main work areas: Agile community, human resources, (project) management, innovation, communications


What are the benefits?

Practices that support effective collaboration

New ways to foster trust and safety in your team environment

Practices that support creative thinking, well-being and engagement at your workplace

An improved sense of connection, authenticity and belonging in your team

See latest courses below (for more courses in Spanish please check the Spanish version). For further information please contact Mira Bangel.


Online workshop: Strong teams talk about elephants

How to deal with conflicts in a remote team?  Build capacity for effectively managing tensions and conflicts remotely. Explore how to turn tensions and conflicts into an opportunity to foster trust and safety in the team Develop and maintain a healthy team...

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Online workshop: Remote collaboration & facilitation skills

How to manage my team / project when the team is remote? Build capacity for meeting facilitation in your team Clarify what principles are important for online collaboration and to keep the unique team spirit of your team alive Explore work formats and practices to...

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Sociocracy 3.0 training Porto, 18th-20th May 2020

About the course: How can you scale an agile organisation without loosing agility? How can large organisations minimise management efforts and bureaucracy by reinforcing self-organisation beyond agile methods? How to nurture a culture of innovation beyond an agile...

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