Our History

SenseTribe started in 2017 as a loose network of freelancers that had the dream of being part of a tribe. The idea was to build a new type of organisation with people we care about and that are at the same time very talented. The dream of a multidisciplinary tribe that collaborates on projects that contribute to collective wellbeing – wellbeing at individual, collective and ecosystem level.

The original founder team were Mira Bangel, Raffaella Toticchi, Oksana Udovyk and Marina Roa, soon joined by Angela Souza, Damien Concordel and many other amazing people from different countries and with different backgrounds.

SenseTribe comenzó en 2017 como una red de autónomos con un sueño en común: formar parte de una tribu. La idea era construir un nuevo tipo de organización con gente con la que disfrutemos trabajar y que al mismo tiempo tenga mucho talento. El sueño de una tribu multidisciplinar que colabore en proyectos que contribuyan al bienestar colectivo, individual y del ecosistema.

El equipo fundador original estaba formado por Mira Bangel, Raffaella Toticchi, Oksana Udovyk y Marina Roa, a las que pronto se unieron Angela Souza, Damien Concordel y muchas otras personas increíbles de diferentes países y con diferentes trayectorias.

Learning from existing organizations and practices like Sociocracy 3.0, participatory leadership, non violent communication and also using simple good old common sense, we developed a participatory structure that could work for individuals, the team and for delivering a real impact on society and the ecosystem.

Being coherent with what we do and practicing work-life balance is important to us, and it is not easy and requires us to constantly question ourselves and improve. As a result, we remain constant learners of our own practices. Sometimes that is a lot of fun and sometimes this can be very challenging.

The goal was from the start to make this a social business. Even we do have a traditional legal structure (a Spanish SL), we aim to reinvest what we generate into strengthening the tribe and into the impact we want to create whenever possible.

SenseTribe was finally founded in early 2019 with the shareholders (and vision holders) Mira, Raffaella and Marina. The company is however govenered by a ‘core team’ that represents all different business areas and makes all decisions that affect the company using consent decision making.

We are constantly learning and one thing we have realized is how important it is to see challenges as opportunities and to find ways to constantly innovate and improve what we do. We discovered for example that if we enjoy working with our clients personally and if feel enthusiastic about the project, the outcome is incredible in many ways.