Marina Roa

Visual Thinking & Innovation Processes

Marina is an experienced facilitator and designer, passionate about finding creative solutions fostering innovation, collaboration and sustainability.

 She holds a Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Design. Marina is an experienced trainer and process facilitator of visual thinking, graphic facilitation, design thinking and creative problem-solving. During the years working with SenseTribe she also has integrated tools for effective collaboration like Art of Hosting, Sociocracy  3.0 and non-violent communication into her practice. 

 Marina has worked in the Education and Digital Editorial sector for more than 10 years creating visuals, books and interactive materials. She believes in the power of images to reinforce messages that contribute to make visible new role models and increase collective awareness. 

 Also does life-sketching and portraits, has a sense of humor and a hand for making visible what really matters – abilities that are reflected in her drawings.

See Marina’s portfolio here: