Our Values

  • Collective wellbeing: We believe that wellbeing can only be achieved by supporting individuals with collective efforts and with an ecosystem that supports long-term change. We try our best to support each other to make this change happen.
  • Constant improvement: We like to implement Agile values about focusing on solutions and not on problems. We use SCRUM and other methodologies to help us live up to this approach.
  • Research & practice: We contribute to closing the gap between science and practice, by being active in both areas.
  • Participation: Our working structure is horizontal and we make decisions together in a participatory manner. We apply participatory leadership practice, Sociocracy 3.0 and other methods to live up to this approach.
  • Work-life balance: We think work is an important part of life but there is more to life than work so we encourage each tribe member to find a healthy balance.
  • Reinvesting profit: The profit we generate is reinvested at individual, collective and ecosystem level.
  • Gender equality: We boost equality by launching a social business with predominantly female leadership, keeping in mind the need for balance and diversity.
  • Coherence: An organisation is a living organism with constant evolution. We look for projects that are aligned with our values and constantly improve the way we live up to them, individually, as a tribe and in the ecosystems we are part of.
  • Challenge = opportunity: For us there are no mistakes, there are challenges in life that bring opportunities to learn, grow and gain a new perspective.