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We are a multidisciplinary team that is eager to collaborate with you on projects supporting the sustainable development goals and collective wellbeing.

Flow Game is a powerful tool for making essential decisions

The Flow Game is a powerful tool for companies, teams and leaders who decide to take advantage of these moments of uncertainty to connect with what is most essential, spend time around significant questions, deeply explore blockages and difficulties, generate clarity...

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SenseTribe on Lockdown – Marina

Since the end of winter, most everyone on Earth has had to put up with varying degrees of lockdown restrictions in order to contain the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and the Covid-19 disease and "flatten the curve". This has, of course, affected us at SenseTribe as well. In...

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Our service areas

Sustainable solutions

We co-create sustainable and inclusive solutions, moving from linear to circular designs

A sense of togetherness

We are a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals specialised in projects that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development GoalsSenseTribe offers consulting services around participatory processes for events, stakeholder communication, organisational development, policy development and product and service innovation.

By putting effective collaboration, collective wellbeing and creativity at the centre, SenseTribe designs processes that foster awareness, collaborative practices and authentic partnerships.

The Tribe

We are scientists, journalists, business consultants, process facilitators, editors, psychologists, communication strategists, educators and designers with different nationalities, locations, world visions, passions and lifestyles.

Mira Bangel

Process Facilitation & Sociocracy 3.0

Raffaella Toticchi

Communication & Participatory processes

Marina Roa

Visual Thinking & Innovation Processes

Angela Souza

Digital Communications and Project Management

Damien Concordel

Event Management & Copywriting

Sara Cuesta

Admin and HR

Marko Faas

Journalist & Copywriter

June Stefano

Digital Marketing Strategist

Laura Grassi

Process and Event Facilitation

Diana Cuéllar

Graphic design and animation

Stephany Macedo

Communications and Human-Centered Innovation Specialist

Eloise Stancioff

Ecosystem and Technology Specialist

Hugo Lopes

Collaborator Sociocracy 3.0 trainings & Coaching

Emmanuelle Moulin

Copywriting & Translations

Dr. Oksana Udovyk

Sustainability & Research

Partners & clients

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