We are a multidisciplinary team that is eager to collaborate with you on projects supporting the sustainable development goals and collective well-being.

NESI Global Forum

Last year in May we participated in the NESI Global Forum where we had the chance to face a big challenge that helped us improve our co-creation and facilitation skills while  enjoying a great time in a diverse and inspiring setting, deeply rooted in the values...

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Alternatives to Business-As-Usual

SenseTribe is currently supporting the Wellbeing Economy Alliance with the launch of 'The Business of Wellbeing' Guide. The guide is written for decision makers of mid-sized organisations and aims to offer an overview of dimensions and solutions to consider when...

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A sense of togetherness

We are a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals that is eager to collaborate with you on projects supporting the UN Sustainable Development GoalsWe consider our clients and partners part of our tribe.

Effective collaboration, collective well-being & creativity are important to us. That’s why working with us also means learning about collaborative practices and building an enjoyable and authentic partnership.

The Tribe

We are scientists, journalists, business consultants, process facilitators, editors, psychologists, communication strategists, educators and designers with different nationalities, locations, world visions, passions and lifestyles.

Mira Bangel

Process Facilitation & Sociocracy 3.0

Raffaella Toticchi

Communication & Participatory processes

Marina Roa

Visual Thinking & Psychology of Creativity

Angela Souza

Digital Communications

Damien Concordel

Event Management & Copywriting

Sara Cuesta

Admin and HR

Marko Faas

Journalist & Copywriter

June Stefano

Digital Marketing Strategist

Laura Grassi

Process and Event Facilitation

Diana Cuellar

Graphic design and animation

Stephany Macedo

Communications and Human-Centered Innovation Specialist

Eloise Stancioff

Ecosystem and Technology Specialist

Hugo Lopes

Collaborator Sociocracy 3.0 trainings & Coaching

Emmanuelle Moulin

Copywriting & Translations

Dr. Oksana Udovyk

Sustainability & Research

Partners & clients

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