We bring together multidisciplinary teams to address the sustainable development goals and nurture collective wellbeing.

Sociocracy 3.0 training Madrid, 22-24th Mar 2019

About the course: Organisations all over the world are trying new ways to increase effectiveness and organisational agility. Self-organisation, increased autonomy and effective collaborative work methods are only part of the emerging patterns. Sociocracy 3.0 offers a...

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Sociocracy 3.0 training Lisbon, 20th-22nd Feb 2019

About the course: How can you scale an agile organisation without loosing agility? How can large organisations minimise management efforts and bureaucracy by reinforcing self-organisation beyond agile methods? How to nurture a culture of innovation beyond an agile...

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We #Act4SDGs! SDG 3 in action: Health & Wellbeing

  We are a multidisciplinary team, ready to support you to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals and make collective wellbeing a reality. Together we have a practical mission: help our clients and partners to address one SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) at a...

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Work areas

Self-organization & collaboration

We nurture self-organization, non-violent communication and collaboration in organisations to create space for well-being, authenticity & innovation.


We bring together multidisciplinary teams to address the world’s most complex sustainability problems.


We help to tell stories that matter and bring people together around some of the most important issues we face today.


We inspire creative problem-solving, give complex issues shape & form and visually capture conversations that matter.

About us

People, Planet or Profit – why choose one?

We at SenseTribe believe that these are not only interconnected concepts, but different names for the same thing – collective wellbeing.

We are a women-led, multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals that teamed up to help address the UN Sustainable Development Goals and make collective wellbeing a reality – for us as individuals, our tribe and the ecosystem we are part of.

The Tribe

We are scientists, journalists, business consultants, process facilitators, editors, psychologists, communication strategists, educators and designers with different nationalities, locations, world visions, passions and lifestyles.

Mira Bangel

Process Facilitation & Sociocracy 3.0

Raffaella Toticchi

Digital Communications

Dr. Oksana Udovyk

Sustainability & Research

Marina Roa

Illustrations & Graphic Facilitation

Damien Concordel

Event Management & Copywriting

Jana Burger

Non-violent Communication

Angela Souza

Digital Communications

Hugo Lopes

Collaborator Sociocracy 3.0 trainings & Coaching

Gaelle Le Vu

Marketing & Communications

Marko Faas

Journalist & Copywriter

Emmanuelle Moulin

Copywriting & Translations

Andrew MacDonald

Writer & Editor

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