The sudden exponential spread of Covid19 and its impact upon our known way of operating daily professionally and personally, is requiring us to be extremely creative in our response. With most team members confined at their homes, establishing a new rhythm that enables businesses to continue in the midst of disruption is both a challenge and an opportunity. Whether you are leading a team or take part of one and whether you are already well versed or not in working remotely,  learning and adapting during and for this period will be crucial.

Join us in a journey to:

  • Establish sound foundations to work remotely & obtain the full potential of what already exists in the organisation.
  • Define and agree on the practices and routines that best fit your organisation and context and select the most appropriate tools.
  • Inquire into existing processes, workflows and responsibilities and adapt them to fit the current circumstances.
  • Create the space for team members to grow in autonomy and responsibility, contributing their hidden potential and additional capabilities in this moment in time.

Training overview:

We invite you to 3 training sessions where, starting from your team / company needs we will jointly co-create a sound map of structure, processes, agreements and attitudes, to enable you to maintain an appropriate level of activity. These training sessions will be designed and conducted on the principles of continuous learning and adaptation:

Learning goals:

This training will help you to:

  • Define your key needs of collaborative remote working to maintain core business
  • Engage in a process of adapting to unfolding changes in environment to enable the journey through this period
  • Identify and unlock additional individual / organisational capacity and explore the opportunities this situation might bring

Time investment:

We recommend a minimum of 3 facilitated team conversations with intact teams (executive) and a follow up session to evaluate progress and define next steps.

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For whom is this course?

This training will bring great value to:

  • Project Managers, consultants and HR managers.
  • Team leaders and line manager.
  • Agile coaches, SCRUM Masters and product owners.

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