For a number of years we have been immersed in a context that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. At this moment in time, in the midst of Covid19, the need to make sense and understand the context we find ourselves in is key, and developing organisational capability to address a continuing changing environment for today and the future is vital.

Join us in a journey to:

  • Reaffirm the intention and core of your organisation, the focus on what matters, for today and the future.
  • Discover what dynamic capabilities bring to increase the ability of your organisation to respond to and create disruption, whilst focussing on the core.
  • Learn about complexity, what it means to your organisation and what helps to take decisions in a complex environment.
  • Explore alternative approaches and models for strategic decision making  (The Business of Wellbeing, 3 Horizons …)

Training overview:

We invite you to 3 facilitated conversations in which to experience the initial application of complexity based theoretical approaches to your organisation and its specific needs. In these conversations,  we will create and model for you, the conditions to engage in the conversations that matter for the healthy continuity of your organisation into the future.

Learning goals:

  • Engage in conversation to clarify organisational purpose enabling alignment of organisational intention to specific short term and longer term actions.
  • Learn about new approaches to enable purpose-driven organisations, sense their context and develop the inner compass to navigate VUCA conditions.
  • Experience participating in conversations that matter and learning about creating the necessary conditions for them.

Time investment:

We recommend a minimum of 3 facilitated team conversations with intact teams (executive) and a follow up session to evaluate progress and define next steps.

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For whom is this course?

This experiential learning through facilitated conversation, will bring great value to intact teams in need of defining next steps for their organisations in today’s context whilst enabling their future.

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