How do we identify the hidden opportunities within current challenges?

  • Build capacity to adapt business strategy to a rapidly changing world. 
  • Identify hidden business opportunities, exploring new possibilities through alternative mindsets and creative practices.
  • Seek the emerging patterns within your business rather than always putting out fires. 
  • Support and co-create business solutions that encourage a customer centric mindset and sustainability practices.

Training overview:

In 3 training sessions you will discover the SenseTribe online collaboration framework, identify your business needs, using tools like human centered design, design thinking, biomimicry and creative problem solving to find solutions that include social and environmental impact. 

Together, we will take a holistic approach to solve your business challenge, focusing on a better bottom line (environment, society and profit):

Learning goals:

This training will support you with:

  • Provide a practical scheme as a guidance on how to identify hidden business opportunities and to solve complex issues
  • Build capacity to adapt business strategy to a rapidly changing world through different business approaches such as Triple bottom line (profit, people and planet), Circular Economy, Design Thinking, Biomimicry among others.
  • Creative problem solving to find business solutions that contemplate social and environmental impact.

Time investment:

We recommend 3 short training sessions (with 6-9 participants) and a follow up session.

Download service overview with more details about timing and pricing.

For whom is this course?

This training will bring great value to:

  • CEO´s, Product Managers and consultants 
  • Team leaders and line managers
  • Startups and SME owners looking to create impact through different business approaches

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