How to manage my team / project when the team is remote?

    • Build capacity for meeting facilitation in your team
    • Clarify what principles are important for online collaboration and to keep the unique team spirit of your team alive
    • Explore work formats and practices to effectively manage your team online

Training overview: 

In 3 training sessions you will discover the SenseTribe online collaboration framework, identify your team’s needs for development, develop collaboration principles, and you will discover practices, tools and agreements that can help to keep going with effective team work in these challenging times:

Learning goals:

This training support you with:

  • A helpful framework that provide you with guidance on how to support your team remotely
  • Ideas around tools, agreements and practices that can help you improve work flows and continue to collaborate effectively
  • Ways to keep going with a positive attitude and team spirit during these challenging times
  • Experience from seasoned practitioners that are familiar with the challenges and difficulties you and your team are facing

Time investment

We recommend 3 short training sessions (with 6-9 participants) and a follow up session.

Download service overview with more details about timing and pricing.

For whom is this course?

This training will bring great value to:

  • Project Managers, consultants and HR managers
  • Team leaders and line managers
  • Agile coaches, SCRUM Masters and product owners