Our colleague and co-worker Laura Grassi has noticed a few months ago that we kept on explaining the same principles over and over again to clients and how desperate many were with finding tools that do not look cool and inspire participants but are also easy to use and serve the overall purpose.

When developing an online event, we ask ourselves:

How can we create amazing participatory experiences that allow people to completely forget they are not in a physical environment?How can we turn the online challenge into an opportunity?

Much of what makes an event special is the time we spend together with our clients sensing into the deeper purpose, building a strong design with clear roles in the team and of course the participatory mindset and practices we apply when we facilitate.

However technology does play a key role and technology should be an enabler rather than a disabler 🙂

Technology in service of the purpose

What most people fail to realise, is that any technological tool needs to be selected and used, based on the specific PURPOSE that has to be addressed

So how can we understand the different expectations/needs that we have to address? And how can we select the right tools, based on these specific needs? 

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Here is a practical guide that we’ve pulled together on the topic with the SenseTribe team. Enjoy!


How was this guide developed? Laura Grassi has been the key author, Marina Roa has added her wonderful illustrations, Raffaella Toticchi has added a mental model and many other amazing SenseTribers have added their ideas and thoughts, thank you.

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