Meaningful communication


Share stories that inspire and connect with your audience

We gather stakeholder perspectives to capture stories and create a narrative that connects with your purpose and helps you communicate it effectively to maximise your impact and actively engage with your audience.


 Communication strategies 

Stakeholder analysis 

Social media campaigns & community management 

Visual representations of complex information 

Illustration and animation 

Reports & guides


Individuals working for international companies, associations, networks or EU projects ready to actively involve stakeholders in communication activities.


Translation of complex concepts into appealing & understandable content 

Increase exposure, overall reach of your channels, audience engagement levels and mobilization for your cause 

Creation of a community involving essential stakeholders 

Collection of meaningful insights 

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What is graphic facilitation?

What is graphic facilitation?

Graphic facilitation supports a group through great amounts of complex information. In order to support overwhelm and be able to navigate complexity the creation of illustrations and visual panels are very helpful tools.

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How to Build a Meaningful Communication Strategy

How to Build a Meaningful Communication Strategy

Combining Communications, Creativity and Participatory Processes for Maximum Collaborator and Customer Engagement Have you or your team ever experienced tensions when designing a project? This can happen when you and your partners or colleagues are creating a concept...

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