Meaningful communication


Share stories that inspire and connect with your audience

We gather stakeholder perspectives to capture stories and create a narrative that connects with your purpose and helps you communicate it effectively to maximise your impact and actively engage with your audience.


 Communication strategies 

Stakeholder analysis 

Social media campaigns & community management 

Visual representations of complex information 

Illustration and animation 

Reports & guides


Individuals working for international companies, associations, networks or EU projects ready to actively involve stakeholders in communication activities.


Translation of complex concepts into appealing & understandable content 

Increase exposure, overall reach of your channels, audience engagement levels and mobilization for your cause 

Creation of a community involving essential stakeholders 

Collection of meaningful insights 

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NESI Global Forum

Last year in May we participated in the NESI Global Forum where we had the chance to face a big challenge that helped us improve our co-creation and facilitation skills while  enjoying a great time in a diverse and inspiring setting, deeply rooted in the values...

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We #Act4SDGs! SDG 3 in action: Health & Wellbeing

  We are a multidisciplinary team, ready to support you to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals and make collective wellbeing a reality. Together we have a practical mission: help our clients and partners to address one SDG (Sustainable Development Goal)...

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