Some of the main benefits of having a graphic facilitator in the room creating illustrations and visual panels are:

  • To support the group to develop a shared understanding.
  • To help participants to be focused and present in the conversation
  • To feel heard through seeing their ideas and insights being captured. 
  • Boost group decision-making and problem solving skills. 
  • Be able to share the conversation beyond the event or session.

Graphic facilitation is a powerful tool to help people feel heard, to develop shared understanding as a group and be able to see and touch their work in a way they couldn’t access before”- Brady Agenbeck, The Graphic Facilitator Guide 2012

Creating illustrations and visual panels can be a fantastic way to practice “active and deep listening”. Usually when we hear someone talk we tend to think about what we will reply rather than trying to really understand what the person is sharing with us. An illustration can help deepen understanding and bring the conversation to a completely different level.

“While presenting, I listen to the most in tune self for guidance. I engage all of my senses to discern when to move and when to be still, when to start and when to stop” Kelvy Bird, Generative Scribing, A social art of the 21st Century 2018.

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