• How can we make decisions effectively together in self-organised teams in a quick, effective and practical manner?
    • How can we minimise management efforts and bureaucracy in organisations by reinforcing self-organisation beyond agile methods?

Organisations all over the world are trying new ways to increase effectiveness and organisational agility. Self-organisation, increased autonomy and effective collaborative work methods are only part of the emerging patterns.

Join us at this Participatory Decision-Making Lab and get a taste of Sociocracy 3.0 practise!

Sociocracy 3.0 offers a rich menu of possibilities that can be adapted to each organisation’s unique context and that build on Sociocracy practices, non-violent communication and lean & agile methods. Learn more here.

Objectives of the Participatory Decision-Making Lab:

  • Understand the principle of consent, appreciate its effectiveness as an alternative to consensus in decision making and learn skills in its application.
  • Learn new patterns you can apply within your teams and organisation that support more effective collaboration.

For whom is this course?

This training will bring great value to:

  • Agile coaches, SCRUM Masters and consultants
  • Project Managers, organisational change facilitators, consultants and HR
  • Leaders and managers interested in exploring self-organisation and self-management

Workshop information

Workshop date: May 10th, 18:30-21:00

Language: Spanish, possibilities for English translation available

Pricing: Event is for free but registrations are necessary

Partner organisation, venue and facilities:

Sngular is an information technology company that covers the whole digital Success cycle, providing all the key competences involved.

Sngular Hub Madrid is a creative, tech-focussed environment where agile, lean and self-organisation, collaboration and team work are put into practice.

The perfect location for an inspiring, hands-on learning experience.

Sngular Hub Madrid can easily be reached by car or public transport and there are numerous parking options.

Address: C/Labastida 1, 28034 Madrid, España

The facilitators:

Hugo Lopes

Hugo is a game changer and a collaboration catalyst: he helps individuals, teams and organisations collaborate and thrive together, creating innovative and highly effective projects and solutions

He is a passionate Agile Coach, Facilitator, Scrum Master and Project Manager working in the IT sector for more than 20 years. Was the founder and Chief Operations Officer of a (gourmet) software development and integration company based in Lisbon, co-founder of guincho.org and is currently a business, project and talent developer at sngular.team.

Hugo has been active in the Agile and Lean world since 2008 and facilitates some of the S3 patterns today. He had his first S3 training in 2015 with James Priest and Lili David and has since then studied, practiced and become an ambassador of S3, facilitating workshops in several European countries.

Mira Bangel 

Co-founder of SenseTribe Consulting, process facilitator, team coach and specialist in participatory methods.

Mira has worked in international business for over 15 years and been an entrepreneur, working on 3 different business over the past 8 years, 2 of them with a participatory model.

Mira is SCRUM Master, participatory leadership and non-violent communication practitioner and will share with you hands-on experience and learning points directly from the practice of applying S3 in a horizontal, multidisciplinary, dynamic, teal work environment.

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Important note:

  • Spots to the event are limited and you can only attend once your participation has been confirmed by the organising team. 

This training is a derivative of “Sociocracy 3.0 – All Patterns Explained” by James Priest and Bernhard Bockelbrink, used under CC BY. “SenseTribe Consulting” is licensed under CC BY by Mira Bangel & Hugo Lopes.