Graphic facilitation is a powerful way to support a group through great amounts of complex information. In order to avoid overwhelm and be able to navigate complexity the creation of illustrations and visual panels are very helpful tools.  Representing  the flow of information, the main insights and conclusions that emerge during a process makes information easier to understand, remember and be shared.

“Graphic facilitation is serving a group by writing and drawing their conversation live and large to help them do their work” – Brady Agenbeck, The Graphic Facilitator Guide 2012

Below you can find how graphic facilitation can support in many different settings :

    • Events online or onsite: to illustrate big amounts of information that can the report to the outside world.
    • Group processes: to visualizate the flow of conversations and review what emerged anytime after.
    • Workshops and trainings: to draw illustrations with the key insights that can be share in social media for example.

These are just some ideas but the possibilities and benefits of having a visual harvesting of a process are numerous. There are several benefits of having visual panels and illustrations in your gatherings.

A graphic facilitator captures the “collective intelligence” in the room and visualize its wisdom.

Research has shown that we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.  So whether you want to connect with an individual, an audience, or the whole world, communicating visually helps you connect more faster,  more meaningfully with more people. 

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