Fashion and sustainability came together on the terrace of the Impact Hub Madrid in Piamonte Street, in an event organized around SDG 12 during which there was no shortage of tropical cocktails and live music to welcome the summer. Sensetribe has had the pleasure of contributing to this fabulous initiative with a graphic facilitation.

WIWI Ethical Wear, a brand that promotes ethical and sustainable fashion, launched its first collection, Paradise, inspired by the tropics for its vibrant colors and the garments of the 1940s style cut, which invites you to consume responsibly by betting for a conscientious fashion. All the fabrics used in making this collection are 100% natural, come from locally sourced sustainable crops, and have been treated with minimal impact dyes (Oeko-Tex certificate). They also have a production model based on the Zero Waste approach: use biodegradable fabrics that can be composted, consume only the material needed to manufacture, minimize the energetic cost and avoid generating unnecessary waste.

The free afterwork event was organized in collaboration with ETICA MARKET, which will also participate in the fashion show by providing its handmade, ethical and fair trade accessories, as well as S.O.P.A. Madrid, an association dedicated to supporting social entrepreneurs, and Ring Yes Yes. In addition, for the fashion show Victoria’s shoe brand will collaborate by fitting models and organizers. With this event, Wiwi Ethical Wear calls on society to become more aware of the impact that the textile industry has on the planet, which is often synonymous with exploitation of communities and damage to the environment. This event presented by Charo Ulecia, has been entirely designed under the concept of the circular, collaborative and ethical economy, with SDG 12 as a mantra (responsible production and consumption), which extends to Impact Hub’s own space at Piamonte Street, that has been designed with local and artisanal products.

As consumers, we have the option of being responsible and betting on more conscientious fashion. This new collection offers us the possibility of contributing to sustainability, offering a responsible shopping alternative to give a tropical touch to our wardrobe for this summer.