Learning Spaces

We believe that human connection, collective wellbeing and creativity in organizations are key to create space for real involvement, innovation and the sustainability of any team.

We do believe that it takes a tribe of change-makers that functions in a self-organised manner to support systemic change in organisations.

Our practices and methods include design thinking, participatory leadership (Art of Hosting), deep ecology, non-violent communications, agile/SCRUM, Theory U, Sociocracy 3.0 & biomimicry.

For teams & organisations

  • We offer team coaching and provide process consulting services to help improve human connection, collective wellbeing and creativity in work environments.
  • We also offer support with designing multi-stakeholder conversations at pan-European level.

For institutions

Our tribe teaches at several universities and we offer a wider range of courses including social entrepreneurship, sociology, biomimicry, sustainable development, design thinking, self-organization and many more.

For individuals

We regularly offer learning spaces that apply specific practices & methods including: Non-violent communications, Sociocracy 3.0, deep ecology, participatory leadership and many more.

For more information please contact Mira.