NESI Global Forum

NESI Global Forum

Last year in May we participated in the NESI Global Forum where we had the chance to face a big challenge that helped us improve our co-creation and facilitation skills while  enjoying a great time in a diverse and inspiring setting, deeply rooted in the values that really move us to action.

What was the challenge?

    • Marina Roa met Diego Moneda, director of the NESI Forum of New Economy and Social Innovation at the #EUideaslab at La Casa Encendida in Madrid.
    • We decided to collaborate together for the next Forum in April 2019 and that collaboration was sponsored by UNITAR and CIFAL.

What was our contribution?

  • We produced a live magazine with the input of more than 1000 participants (graphic facilitation, content, design).
  • Co-creation and facilitation of the track ‘Future of Work’ in English and Spanish

How was the process?

  • We supported the process of co-creation of the design of the event, which involved 6 areas with 3 work sessions each. The idea was to work following the model of 3 horizons representing three dimensions: present, future and steps to be taken (to get to that future).
  • In collaboration with Daniel Truran, General Director at EBBF & ambassador of B Corp, Mira Bangel and a group of content experts facilitated the three co-creation spaces focused on the future of work.
  • In each session, about 100 people gathered at 9 tables and generated questions to explore a more general topic. In each room there was a group of “subject matter experts” and some “correspondents” from the magazine that at the end of the session met with some more participants to collect the ideas and lessons together in a prepared template.
  • At the end of each day, the results were collected and reviewed together with the team responsible for the design and content of the magazine.

The Magazine

  • Marina Roa formed a team with two other collaborators, graphic designers, to facilitate the harvest process.
  • Once all the contents were obtained, they were visualized showing the main concepts through texts and illustrations and with a layout of contents and design.
  • After a very intense work and an excellent collaboration of our team together with participants and organizers of the event, we had an amazing result: The magazine was presented in the auditorium in digital format as the final conclusion of the event.
  • Some final adjustments were needed to integrate the feedback of the participants and to be aligned with the results. From then on, the magazine was shared with the public through social networks.

Download the magazine


For us it was a challenge that involved the input of 1000 people, the collaboration in a team of more than 45 people and a very tight deadline. Thanks to the live launch and the active involvement of so many people, the magazine was shared and celebrated by the entire audience, also by our sponsor UNITAR-CIFAL and our area on the future of work was the most visited. We were also interviewed by the confidential in an article about the event.

Really great things can be done among many people if we organize ourselves well and work towards a common purpose.

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ESPON Participatory design-thinking lab

ESPON Participatory design-thinking lab

“We can’t solve problems by using the same way of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

Design Thinking is a human-centred, collaborative approach to problem solving. Experience it first hand during our participatory design-thinking lab on spatial planning in Western Europe.

Join policy makers and experts in a collaborative process to explore some of the core changes which are affecting spatial planning in Western Europe today. Our team will be there to facilitate the participatory process and to do the graphic facilitation. Register here before April 10th:

We #Act4SDGs! SDG 3 in action: Health & Wellbeing

We #Act4SDGs! SDG 3 in action: Health & Wellbeing


We are a multidisciplinary team, ready to support you to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals and make collective wellbeing a reality. Together we have a practical mission: help our clients and partners to address one SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) at a time. Our first SDG is SDG3: Good health & wellbeing.

Is wellbeing already part of your story?

We help your company communicate about wellbeing. More info here.



Is wellbeing a challenge in your company?

We help you co-create solutions. Contact us to find out more. 



Would you like to take wellbeing to the next level?

We help your company improve their social and environmental impact. More info here.

Graphic facilitation for Sustainable Fashion Show supporting SDG 12

Graphic facilitation for Sustainable Fashion Show supporting SDG 12


Fashion and sustainability came together on the terrace of the Impact Hub Madrid in Piamonte Street, in an event organized around SDG 12 during which there was no shortage of tropical cocktails and live music to welcome the summer. Sensetribe has had the pleasure of contributing to this fabulous initiative with a graphic facilitation.

WIWI Ethical Wear, a brand that promotes ethical and sustainable fashion, launched its first collection, Paradise, inspired by the tropics for its vibrant colors and the garments of the 1940s style cut, which invites you to consume responsibly by betting for a conscientious fashion. All the fabrics used in making this collection are 100% natural, come from locally sourced sustainable crops, and have been treated with minimal impact dyes (Oeko-Tex certificate). They also have a production model based on the Zero Waste approach: use biodegradable fabrics that can be composted, consume only the material needed to manufacture, minimize the energetic cost and avoid generating unnecessary waste.

The free afterwork event was organized in collaboration with ETICA MARKET, which will also participate in the fashion show by providing its handmade, ethical and fair trade accessories, as well as S.O.P.A. Madrid, an association dedicated to supporting social entrepreneurs, and Ring Yes Yes. In addition, for the fashion show Victoria’s shoe brand will collaborate by fitting models and organizers. With this event, Wiwi Ethical Wear calls on society to become more aware of the impact that the textile industry has on the planet, which is often synonymous with exploitation of communities and damage to the environment. This event presented by Charo Ulecia, has been entirely designed under the concept of the circular, collaborative and ethical economy, with SDG 12 as a mantra (responsible production and consumption), which extends to Impact Hub’s own space at Piamonte Street, that has been designed with local and artisanal products.

As consumers, we have the option of being responsible and betting on more conscientious fashion. This new collection offers us the possibility of contributing to sustainability, offering a responsible shopping alternative to give a tropical touch to our wardrobe for this summer.

Farmidable new sustainable model in the food industry

Farmidable new sustainable model in the food industry


We have supported Farmidable in a fundraising event at Impact Hub Madrid with a graphic facilitation. Farmidable is a new model of distribution of local seasonal products, from the producer directly to the consumer, through natural consumption communities. With this initiative consumers can buy their groceries from anywhere using their website or mobile app and then pick them up in pre-existing communities, just like picking their children from school. This way, we reduce our carbon footprint, among other things.

This wonderful fair trade initiative brings fresh, high-quality local and seasonal produce to consumers and guarantees greater profit margins for producers. With this event, Farmidable was looking for support to spread their model to other companies, councils, and consumer groups all around Spain. We wish Farmidable the best of luck in your future endeavours!



Collaboration with “SOPA MADRID” supporting Social Projects

Collaboration with “SOPA MADRID” supporting Social Projects

Can we do something in our daily lives to finance social initiatives?

SenseTribe has collaborated with the second edition of S.O.P.A Madrid, a microfunding space that supports social entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into real life projects. It was a pleasure to  participate in an event with almost 80 participants, 17 collaborating companies and a team of 10 volunteers. During the evening, 4 wonderful social projects were presented: Farmidable, MasScience, Cienciaterapia and Máster FPLAB.

SOPA stands for Society, Organization, Projects and Action. With this UK-born initiative, we seek to pursue the UN Sustainable Development Goals creating a common space where people can come together and collaborate.