SenseTribe is currently supporting the Wellbeing Economy Alliance with the launch of ‘The Business of Wellbeing’ Guide. The guide is written for decision makers of mid-sized organisations and aims to offer an overview of dimensions and solutions to consider when making your business part of the transition towards a wellbeing economy (one that considers people and the planet as part of its intrinsic purpose).

What is special about the guide?

From the beginning the guide vision has been to include different stakeholder perspectives. In collaborative creation sessions the purpose and strategy was elaborated, while different stakeholders, decision makers and solution providers were consulted in qualitative interviews.

As a result, the guide consolidates a number of different options for each dimension and gives a clear overview on considerations to make, without focusing on a specific context or region.

A series of articles and case studies will be published over the coming weeks on the WeAll website and towards the beginning of the coming year, a complete guide will be made available.